Expo City 2020 Dubai Photographer

Expo 2020 Dubai Photographer | Expo City Dubai Photography

Dubai-based Expo photographer Musthafa specialises in documenting the exterior & interior environment of Pavillions for developers, architects, manufacturers and designers.

I am an experienced Dubai Expo City 2020 photographer well recognized for shooting Dubai Expo 2020 pavillion focused on its architecture and interior design. Now called ‘Expo City Dubai’ is a future-centric mini-city that builds on the legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai. Open since 1 October 2022, Expo City brings back many of the entertainment offerings that delighted visitors during the world-class exposition, including the flagship Al Wasl Plaza, Garden in the Sky observation tower and famed Surreal water feature. The main thematic pavilions all remain, with Alif – the Mobility Pavilion and Terra – the Sustainability Pavilion, transforming into interactive educational experiences, while the Opportunity Pavilion is now the Expo 2020 Dubai Museum. Through these attractions, it is committed to addressing global topics and enabling people to share their voice, with a particular focus on the youth of today.

Azerbaijan Pavilion Architecture & Interior Photography

Inspired by nature, dedicated to the future of humanity at Expo 2020 Dubai

A huge enveloping structure in laminated wood in the shape of a tree complete with roots. For the Azerbaijan Pavilion, the Symmetric studio made use of the collaboration of Rubner Holzbau. The concept, Seeds for the Future, aims to raise awareness and make visitors aware of the impact of everyone’s individual choices on the environment: only by investing in the future today can we it can indeed build a sustainable tomorrow.

Being a professional architectural photographer in Dubai & Middle East, I have delivered many exterior architecture projects especially photographs of the outside of a structure. For me, architecture photography is a way to express the creative stance of the Architect that designs the masterpiece. Furthermore, I have mastered photographic techniques with observant eyes that can spot different points of view. Moreover, my exterior photos produce wildly varying, moody, and dramatic results.

Expo 2020 Dubai Architectural & Interior Photography

Expo 2020 Dubai (now transformed into a new district – Expo City Dubai) was experience of countless architectural marvels in one place. A showcase for companies and countries, a tourist attraction & technical innovation. Collection of opportunity, sustainability, and mobility. Including the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface, 90+ uniquely designed pavilions and 200.000 sqm of future LEED Gold & Platinum structures.

First, considering that we are surrounded from everywhere by architecture. From the ancient to the hyper-modern, it’s that special photography skills or expertise that is required to nab that perfect shot. I just know how to do that. Second, my aim of each of these photographs is to clearly articulate a building’s specific design features and qualities. Finally, showcasing the client’s installed product and in context is key to this aspect of my work as a professional Dubai architectural photographer.

Finally, If you would like to hire a professional freelance Dubai architectural photographer, specially for exterior architecture in Dubai or Kuwait, then you are at the right profile page. contact me to photograph a project you or your client have worked on, or if you like to purchase photographs you have seen in this gallery, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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