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Corporate Event & Interview Videography in Dubai

We are specialists in event and corporate video production. Our professional videography team can manage the production process all the way through from concept to completion. Our skill set is extensive, which allows us to remain very competitive and reliable for our clients.
Every shoot is different, and therefore videography projects can be straightforward or complex – but it is never easy. Our videographers & editors are fully trained and skilled, and they take their responsibilities seriously. We continually strive to achieve great results for all our clients and offer a wide array of video solutions delivered by a strong team equipped with professional gear.
Store Interior Video-shoot
We shoot videos of retail interiors, stores and boutiques. This captures the full dimension of a space and allows to show a lot of design features. Videos are perfect to add an additional visual asset when promoting a freshly refurbished store or when launching a new flagship. They are great for social media, as they are so easily shareable.

Villa Exterior Drone & Interior Videography

Our property and interiors cinematographers have been fortunate enough to film in some of Dubai’s most prestigious addresses and Dubai’s most beautiful country homes, but it is not the address that makes the film. Our luxury real estate marketing films bring the house to life with the best angles, lighting, and attention to detail. Whether it be for interior design, sales & rentals, development, the hospitality industry, editorials, or portfolio use, we make sure you get an excellent film for your audience.
Corporate Event Videos Are Our Forte
We focus on delivering high-quality videography services, specializing in documenting events & interviews.
We provide full corporate video production services including concept development, production, and post-production in Dubai. If you need an all-in-one script-to-screen solution, we can write, produce, and edit an entire project to ensure that it meets your needs and fulfills the objectives of the video. Our clients include the public sector, corporations, SMEs, start-ups, education institutions, brands, event companies & international clients.

Conference, Seminar & Panel Discussion

Our conference event videography work stands out simply because we have the ability to adapt to the characteristics of your event, always showcasing your company in a highly favorable light.
Interview Video
Interview videos are the most effective method to extract a genuine response from a person about your business or product. With our team of videographers and film producers, we can create an interview video for your brand that stands out and delivers your message, no matter the subject. Using professional microphones & lighting, we produce truly professional interview videos. Make a great impression during your presentation with an impactful company introduction video.

Conference, Seminar & Panel Discussion

Our conference event videography work stands out simply because we have the ability to adapt to the characteristics of your event, always showcasing your company in a highly favorable light. So, you’re planning a panel discussion for your upcoming conference. From drafting an outline for Panel Sessions, to creating breakout sessions, workshops are often enhanced with a compelling, thought-provoking discussion. As panel guests intently listen to the chairperson and provide their input, panels are an easy way to engage and inform event attendees. Video marketing is critical for any company we think it is best to use that to your advantage. Whether you need live stream equipment for an upcoming conference live broadcast or a cost-effective video that you can archive for later, a professional video production team is the way to go.
University Event Videography
We offer video capture for speeches, presentations, and guest lecturers with multi-camera setups and audio capture for all types of live events. Our team excels in creative projects too – from marketing and promotional videos to staged interviews and more.
Share the buzz of the day, the variety of speakers and topics, the networking opportunities and more in an event highlights film. Whether a conference, a lecture or an awards ceremony, we’ll help you create content that connects with your audience. Our team will advise you on the best formats and length, and help you optimise your event film for SEO.

Media & PR Event - Retail Store Opening

A picture has always been worth a thousand words, but in today’s world, it may be worth even more. Engagement rises dramatically on social media, websites, and virtually every online platform when the conversation includes quality photos and videos.
Brand Marketing
Beyond delivering great photographs, our videographers & editors always consider your business objectives. We strive to deliver content that is purpose-driven and maximizes value.
Video quality matters. We always use high-end equipment to complement our skills, and we are dedicated to delivering the best possible Media & PR event video content for our clients.

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