Things to know before looking for a business headshot & portrait photographer in Dubai & Kuwait

By Musthafa E. Khumanpur
Head Photographer

Who doesn’t want to have some good clicks of special parties or functions? Many look for the professional services of the headshot/portrait photographers for capturing special moments. Hiring a photographer help you spend quality time while the photographers manage all about the clicks. Who can miss the services of portrait/headshot photographers in Dubai?

Are you planning to hire a headshot/portrait photographer soon for your party or event? It may be an overwhelming process especially when you have the least knowledge about photography and its types. So, here we present to you a list of the detailed things before your partner with any portrait/headshot photographer. Let us start by understanding the different types of headshot photography:

Types of headshot photography:

• Business Headshot Photography: On White

It works perfectly for the company brochure or websites when the businesses have to mention the top names to the public. White color not only looks professional but offers the best clarity to the person’s face and details. Thus, it is one of the highly preferred headshot photography in Dubai and Kuwait.

• Business Headshot Photography: On Grey or another color

The grey and other color photography of the business professionals with a headshot is an amazing option for those who want to experiment with a lot more than just white. It offers a creative platform for the designers and content creators who can use these clicks for promotional and informative purposes.

• Environmental Portrait Photography: for Magazine, commercial or social media use

The modern world of transparency is heading towards the topics and subjects that promote the natural lives and surroundings. The same goes with the environmental portrait photography that is taken in the natural surroundings of the subject. It works well in modern marketing strategies.

Things to know before looking for a Headshot/Portrait photographer in Dubai:

Once you’ve decided on the type of headshot photography, it is time to quickly consider the following points to get optimized results from your professional partnership.

• Purpose of the headshot photography:

It is the first point even before you plan to partner with any headshot or portrait photographer. The purpose of the photography should be clear to get the best results and the same should be conveyed to the photographer well advance in time.

• Use of the headshot photos:

The use of headshot photos should be clear before you plan to click them. These are the versatile and high-quality clicks that can be used for multiple purposes including promotions, brochures, information exchange, etc. Thus, the main use of the headshot photo helps in getting the optimized click with reduced chances of re-photography.

• Clarity in requirements for headshot photos:

The clarity in the requirements of headshots is required to ensure the best use of the headshots. The high-quality clicks of the headshot photographers in Dubai ensure that there are no glitches. The high-quality clear headshot/portrait images are ensured with the use of the high-end technology camera and supporting equipment.

• Types of background requirements:

The different types of backgrounds for headshot/portrait images are based on the different client requirements. Thus, it is ideal to go through the different types of headshot/portrait photography before planning to find the ideal match for your requirements. The different background options like white, grey, or any color depending on the uses of these clicks.

• Total number of photos required:

It is essential to discuss the number of photos with the headshot photographers in Dubai. The different photographers offer a specific amount of images according to their budget and plans. Thus, the required number of photos is first conveyed to the photographers and hence the partnership can be taken ahead according to the best negotiable numbers.

• Editing requirements:

Many times the natural clicks are not clear and hence create quality issues. Thus, these headshot/portrait images need serious editing. Hence it is advised to go for the headshot/portrait photographers that offer optimized editing based on the quality of the clicks. The end results should be clear and high-quality photos that are ideal for all requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the top headshot photographer in Dubai and Kuwait for the best quality clicks.

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